Hi! Do you think you might make LOTR-inspired teas?

I had a buuuuunch and then legal-type people said nooooooo

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I’ve had these sitting around unfinished for nearly a year now, yikes. But now as the Holidays are coming up, I’m determined to finish up a lot of my unreleased teas! So keep your fingers crossed, because upcoming teas include Star Trek, Being Human, The Name of the Wind,Sleepy Hollow, and a lot more.

Rich and strong, but still genuinely sweet, this is a blend that will win over nearly all hearts. Once you finish a cup, fear not, the leaves can be revived for a second brew.

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YOOOOOOO I don’t know if you’ve like, heard yet, but the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special is airing just over a week from now, on November 23rd. And that, to me, is the perfect excuse for a hella rad give away. A tea give away. Oh yeah. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • First prize: 11 full size bags of my Doctor Who tea blends. (The TARDIS, plus The same teas found in the sampler pack: Eleven, Ten, Nine, Rory, Amy, River Song, Martha, Rose, Donna, and Captain Jack)
  • Runner Up: Doctor Who tin sampler pack!
  • Bonus: If this post gets over 5,000 notes before the end of the give away, I’ll add in another prize. It’s sort of secret right now, since it’s a product I don’t think Adagio has even announced yet, but it is SO RAD, and I will autograph it for you and everything.

Now there are rules, otherwise this would be chaos. So here’s what you have to do to win one of these things:

  • Listen, the way tumblr handles give aways and notes now is weird. No matter how many times you reblog, I’ll only ever see one reblog from you in my notes. So here’s how this is going to work:
    • In order to win the first place prize, you HAVE to fill out this form. The winner for the first prize will ONLY be drawn from the form submissions. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SUBMIT THE FORM ONCE A DAY IF YOU WANT MORE CHANCES TO WIN. If I notice you’ve submitted more than once a day, you will be disqualified.
    • The runner up prize will be chosen from the notes, i.e. the likes and reblogs. When the give away ends, I’ll copy/paste all the notes into a list, and use a random number generator to choose a winner. Reblog as often as you like, I really don’t care, though your followers might.
    • For the bonus prize, I’ll compile BOTH the form submissions and notes, and chose from that giant list.
    • oh lord I hope that’s not super confusing
  • Give away only blogs are not eligible. If you’re randomly chosen and I go to your blog and it’s nothing but reblogged give aways, I will disqualify you and chose someone else. Don’t be greedy.
  • You do NOT have to be following me. I’m pretty neat sometimes though, I guess, so maybe consider it? And if you follow me just for the giveaway for some reason, I won’t be butt hurt if you unfollow me when you don’t win, I’ll just gently kiss your cheek and wish you well.
  • There are some places in the world where we literally, legally, can NOT ship the tea. Places like Australia and New Zealand and other places. I don’t know all of the places off the top of my head, and I’m really sorry, but there really isn’t anything I can do about that Q_Q Please check out Adagio’s shipping info if you’re not sure if your country is eligible. Please don’t yell at me or Adagio if we can’t ship to your country. I love you.
  • YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER or have a parents/guardians explicit permission to let us send you stuff
  • The Give Away will end at 11:59 pm EST on November 23, so technically I’ll choose/announce a winner on November 24! Have your entries in before then! I wont count any form submissions or notes after that point! Winner will be contacted on tumblr and by email :D
  • Please let me know if you have any other questions!
  • And remember, the more notes this gets, the more chance for prizes! So signal boost!

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For a limited time, I’ve uploaded redesigned label art for the main Sherlock blends! Each label now lists the contents of each tea, and also looks super sexy.

| sherlock | watson | moriartea | mycroft | lestrade | molly | the woman | mrs hudson | the colonel | the mind & the heart |

(for some reason Watson’s label isn’t updating, I’m still trying to get it to work :T)

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or you can just get Dean and Cas bags because

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SO I finally got around to making a Bond to go with Q! Ta-da!

  • 007 [irish breakfastgunpowdercaramelA strong, Queen and Country blend, at once dark and seductive and ready to leap into danger.
  • Q [
    lemon verbenalemon balm
    'I'll hazard I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pajamas before my first cup of earl grey than you can do in a year in the field.' Bright, a bit tart, and a little cheeky. Just what's needed to perk up a tired old ship.

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Rise of the Guardians Teas Part II! Stay tuned tomorrow for Sandy, Easter Bunny, and Tooth *///w///*

  • Jack Frost [snowbud, cream, peppermintlemon balmCool, delicate flavors perfect for warming you up during unexpected chills. However, this one is probably best served iced.
  • North [chocolate chai, christmas, candy canechocolate chips, cinnamon, orange peelsA sweet, rich blend that perfectly captures the spirit and wonder of Christmas. (There are bits of CANDY CANE IN THE TEA)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN! In honor of my awesome roommates birthday (er, yesterday) I created a few more Sailor Moon blends! I have plans to eventually do blends for all of the outer senshi as well as the Sailor Starlights, but I can’t promise they’ll be up any time soon :DDD For now, I hope you all (and especially Erin!) enjoy these!

  • Sailor Moon [earl grey bravodewy cherryhibiscusSweet and Bubbly and all around good. The taste of Love and Justice.
  • Tuxedo Mask [earl grey moonlightcaramellapsang souchongDark! Mysterious! So handsome! Drink with caution, as you may start hearing the distant strumming of guitars as you sip.
  • Chibiusa [strawberrycreamalmond, rose hips] At once adorably sweet and a bit tart, this tea will either be completely endearing, or might put you a bit on edge. A spoonful of sugar and a dash of milk is perfect for this super cute blend.
  • Mercury [white blueberrysnowbudkukichaA mild, calming tea perfect for drinking in the bath. This blend is lower on caffeine so not the best to keep you up late studying, but I’m sure it will help you pass your exams regardless.
  • Mars [green chaispiced greenhojicha, cocoa nibs, cinnamon] Notes of grassy, traditional green tea, with a whiff of temple smoke. With a kick of fiery spice, this tea means business.
  • Jupiter [tiger eyealmondrooibos vanilla chai, ginger, chocolate chips] The scent of freshly baked, home made cookies, but with a sharp, powerful edge. A strong tea that might take you by surprise.
  • Venus [assam melodycreampeach, cinnamon, marigold] A hip, sweet, and perky blend. With cream to smooth out the edges, this is a super comforting blend and will help keep you company while reading comics or playing video games. 

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HANNITEAS! I did the thing.

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Welcome back, Sherlock Fandom. Here, have a seat and a cup of tea for your Series 3 feels before things get worse.

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