The last of the Hunger Games blends, and now I’m going to go see the movie after this is posted! *w*!!!

Gale Hawthorne: ‘Being out in the woods with Gale … sometimes I was actually happy.’ [Deep green, woodsy tones, with a distant whiff of smoke from the mines, and freshly picked berries bursting with juice.] (pu erh dante, forest berries, gunpowder)

Finnick Odair: ‘…if we see something sweet, we better grab it quick.’ Sweet, tropical, and playful with a smooth green edge. (white tropics, thai chai, white monkey)

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Hey look I got off my butt and finished these blends!

The Lemon Is In Play: A tart, caffeine-enriched black tea backed with cream, perfect for those endless flights across Russia. Do not forget, however, that the lemon is still in play and hiding in plain sight. (rooibos lemon cloud, ceylon sonata, cream)

Polar Bears. Are. Brilliant.: ‘It’s not MADE of anything… it’s just… TEA.’ A cool, refreshing, and sweetly charming blend. May leave you a bit befuddled. (white pear, vanilla oolong, ginger)

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Welp! Here’s Mrs. Hudson! Making me a liar for saying there wouldn’t be any more Sherlock blends! OH WELL. Click her name below or on the image to go to her page on Adagio.

Mrs. Hudson-A sweet, mature blend, with floral notes and a faint whiff of biscuits. (assam melody, almond, osmanthus)

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TARDIS TEA. The image may end up changing to something not so slap-dash, but I wanted to order a blend of it tonight so I could sample and review it ASAP and I didn’t want a plain label U////U


Tardis Blend: Tastes bigger inside the cup [Ethereal earl grey and enchanting black berry with notes of vanilla]

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Good Omens blends! One of the best books ever is totally deserving of tea. Click the name to go to their page on Adagio <3

Crowley Blend-Smokey from the fires of hell, but with a bit of fresh green-ness, and an underlying sweetness. Deep, deep down. [lapsang souchong, spiced green, caramel]

Aziraphale- A bit old fashioned and stuffy, but with just enough of a sinful bite. Ineffably delicious. [irish breakfast, almond, gingerbread]

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Wooo the Adagio Site is back up! Which means I can make these blends public now! Click on each name to go to it’s Adagio page <3

Sailor Moon/Serenitea Blend: Sweet and Bubbly and all around good. The taste of Love and Justice. (earl grey bravo, dewy cherry, hibiscus)

Wolverine Blend: Smokey, smooth, and just a little sweeter than you’d probably expect. Guaranteed to help rejuvenate you. (gunpowder, caramel, tiger eye)

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Theeeese are the only Avengers Blends I think turned out alright Q3Q Some characters, like Tony, don’t lend themselves to tea, as well, I don’t think D: But I think these guys totally work *w*

Thor Blend: A deep, strong flavor, incredibly masculine, with bright notes of apricot. (mambo, apricot, toasted mate)

Loki Blend: ‘So I am no more than another scorned idea, locked in your mental tea cabinet until you might have use of me? You could have told me it wouldn’t happen from the beginning! Why didn’t you? What, because I— I— I am the caffeinated blend parents won’t let their children try at night? You know, it all makes sense now, why you favoured Holmes all these years, because no matter how often you claim to make tea, you could never have a Frost Giant featured in your signature blends!’ [Thank you to the anonymous writer that left me this note, and prompted me to make a blend for Loki. Cool, refreshing, but just a bit dark, with a hint of floral undertones. This blend truly shines when iced.] (gunpowder, spearmint, rooibos jasmine)

Steve Rogers Blend: As American as Apple Pie, perfectly sweet, but built for strength. (spiced apple chai, almond, assam melody)

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Round Two of Hunger Games Tea Blends! <3 Click each name to go to their Adagio page!

Effie Blend: Ever shifting sweet flavors including Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Rose, and Vanilla, all blended together with a backing of sweet cream. A slightly off-balanced blend with good (if misguided) intentions. (valentines, rooibos almond, cream)

Haymitch Blend: Smooth, and smokey like a glass of illegal Whiskey, with an edge of danger and a surprising sweetness on the finish. (lapsang souchong, gunpowder, vanilla)

Cinna Blend: Deep, earthy, and sweet, with just slightest touch of Capitol Flair. (mocha nut mate, hazelnut, cinnamon)

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Okay, so I love the stuff from Adagio teas, and realized I could be making my own Sherlock Blends. So here’s Sherlock, Watson, Moriarty, Mycroft, and Molly <3

Uh. Disclaimer: I totally made these up? I cannot vouch for their actual taste until I actually order some.

I think I might make some stickers or something of the labels too :X

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