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This blend makes me think of things that, just like its smell in the beginning, are hard to put a name to.  It’s London fog and scones, old memories and solitude.  Not loneliness – just alone-ness.  If that makes any sense.

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More lovely pictures and such a poetic review! *w*

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Two More Sherlock-related tea reviews! One of them is not my blend, but you can click on either name to go to the shop page for either of them <3

Reichenbach Recovery- Yeah, so I was going to make a blend of Earl Grey, Hazelnut and Caramel for myself since I go through a lot of bags of earl grey combined with Hazelnut coffee syrup anyway. It’s basically my favorite tea flavor combination. But as I was making the blend I thought “hey, this is my comfort tea, and I went through some cups of it during my Reichenbach Recovery, so….” that’s what it is.

It smells exactly as good as I’d hoped in the bag. Wonderfully fruity and floral from the earl grey, as well as the warm smell of Hazelnut. Nnnnng. It tastes soooo wonderful. Something about it reminds me of bakeries… baking bread, cookies, cakes, the whole lot. It tastes exactly like the comfort tea I make for myself. So perfect. The caramel was a good addition as well. It’s very subtle, and the earl grey is still definitely the star here. I’m going to go through a lot of this. I usually drink this with cream added, which makes it absolutely sinful.

Bonus! Benedict Cumberbatch Blend- Not one of my blends, but how could I resist picking up a Benedict Cumberbatch blend (actually I accidentally bought it twice because I forgot about it the first time but yay for more tea!)Plus the flavors all sounded so delicious and fitting! In the bag, it smells wonderfully spicy and gingery! In the cup, it’s wonderfully peppery, and reminds me a bit of the Moriartea blend!

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