Moriartea Blend by Cara McGee and Adagio Teas

2.5 teaspoons of the Moriartea Blend
Steeped with boiling water and for 4 minutes

Masala Chai: Black tea, cardamom pods, ginger root, cloves, natural cinnamon flavor, and cinnamon bark
Ginger Black Tea: Black tea, ginger root, and natural ginger flavor

I apologize for not posting a review yesterday, I had a really long Chem lab that lasted from 5 pm to around 8:30 pm. After I got food, I wasn’t really in the mood to have a nice cup or anything besides sleep. Unfortunately (and rather fortunately for you all), I had to some statistics HW and I promised a friend that I would make tea that night. So from the previous tea review, you are all aware of the fact that a nice package from Adagio brightened up my day a bit back. Of course I’d go ahead and buy some Sherlock (which is a show that Zoe and I are both VERY fond of) tea blends when Adagio still had their cherry blossom discount. First up is Moriarty and the others? Well… we’ll just have to see won’t we? Steeped for 4 minutes and served immediately. Also I must apologize about the tag overload for this post.
Out of the tin, Moriartea is very strong smelling. Aside from the expected smell of cinnamon from the Masala Chai, there is the extra kick of spicy zest from the Ginger black tea. Honestly after I smelled it the first time, my nostrils burned for a bit! The scent packs quite a punch! After steeping, both the cinnamon and ginger had definitely calmed down and smelled like a gingersnap almost. I don’t know if it’s supposed to turn out like this but my tea ended up being cloudy, might have to brew it again sometime in the near future to see if I end up with the same result.
This blend is very nicely balanced. It has the familiar spicy taste of chai but with an extra kick to it. I would say it’s a bit like the character honestly; when you start drinking it, it tastes just like normal Masala Chai until you’ve got about a mouthful. Once it gets to that point, the ginger surprises you and almost grabs ahold of your tongue. While I wouldn’t say that it would burn the heart out of me, the first sip certainly made me raise my eyebrows. If anything, the tea gave a rather gentle wave of heat which was pleasant as well. Expected a bit more spice given the slap-fight the scent of the unsteeped tea gave my nose but in all a very excellent tea.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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What an awesome review! Thanks! <333

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Lestrade tea by Cara McGee Review!

In the bag: The smell is so interesting. It reminds me of going hiking. It’s very woodsy, with a lovely hint of hazelnut.

Brewing: Looks SO cool. The little leaves unravel and it turns the water amber, then SUPER DARK. Looked like coffee when it was done brewing!

Brewed (5 minutes… probably a bit too long, but it could just be me): This might sound totally weird, but it smells like breakfast. Like yummy, savory breakfast in a cup. Once I tasted it, it was like a punch in the mouth. This tea is MANLY. I have never tried anything this strong, and I try teas all the time. I definitely commend it for that, but to be honest I think I’d need a huge beard and a flannel shirt to be able to drink this stuff straight!

Plus cream and a spoonful of sugar: Perfect. Cream smoothes and softens out the flavor. Sugar takes away any bitterness (aka the punch-in-the-mouth part). The hazelnut is pretty gentle: I may try adding half hazelnut creamer and half milk next time, just for fun.

This tea is comforting. I could imagine it being completely lovely after being soaked to the bone on a cold rainy day, curling up with this tea and wrapping up in a blanket in front of the fireplace (if I had a fireplace). This tea takes you away to a cabin in the woods: at least, that’s what the flavor and scent remind me of. Lovely and unique!

I’ve always wanted to try making tea in a french press *w* I need to get my own just for teeeaaaa~~~

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MAN I’ve put off doing these reviews long enough! But I thought they needed some more love, so here you go!

Effie: Wooowwww this smells insanely sweet! Like taking a whiff of a box of expensive chocolates, and it looks just as lovely, with the bright pink rose petals scattered throughout the bag. After steeping, the chocolate smell mellows out, and you can really start to smell the strawberry even more—it’s very fruity and almost nutty. On its own, you still get that taste of the chocolate covered strawberries which is sort of craaazy. I don’t taste the almond at all, but I think the rooibos does a good job of keeping the tea from tasting aggressively fruity or floral from the roses. I reeeeaaally like this tea a lot more than I was expecting to, and I haven’t even added anything! Surprisingly, adding the sugar brings out more of the floral notes, and a bit of the chocolate, but mellows out the strawberry. Then I added cream and now this tastes like a cup of black forest cake and my mind is blown.

Haymitch: This… is very different from almost all of my other teas. There is nothing sweet in the smell at all. Which is what I was trying for. I mean, there’s not option to have a tea that reeks of whiskey, but I think this is probably the closest I could hope to get. It’s very smokey and leather-y and… manly. The smell carries over into the cup…and wow this is a smokey tea. There are no two ways around that. It’s smokey and dark and very strong. I’d say if you like the Sherlock tea, or not-sweet teas, you’ll like Haymitch. I’m enjoying it rather a lot, but then I’m a fan of Lapsang’s. Adding sugar brings out just that little bit of vanilla and tones it down very slightly. I feel like honey would be better, as I think this is the kind of tea I’d drink while sick. Adding cream made it taste… a bit nutty? Interesting.

Cinna: Ooooh my god can we talk about how amazing this smells? Because it’s amazing. It smells like… a coffee shop. Warm and rich and nutty and chocolate-y. Whaaaaa. I love that there’s tiny little chocolate chips. I keep picking them out of the bag and eating them. SO GOOD. I admit I’ve been drinking this a lot since I got it and keep some of it at my desk at work. It’s probably the best tea if you’re normally a coffee drinker—it definitely tastes like a mocha coffee to me, but less bitter. It’s good on its own, but I like it the same way I take my coffee—with lots of cream and a little sugar stirred in. CINNA, YOU SO TASTY.

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» I finally got it! :D


I finally got my Watson Tea in the mail and…and…. it’s SO yummy! 

I’m not much of a tea drinker (yet), so my review might be most helpful to those who are new to the game. Since I’m so used to stronger flavors in any types of drink (sometimes I miss out on more subtly flavored things) I put 2 tsp per serving, and steep for about 5 min.

In the bag: It’s a very spiced/cinnamon-y aroma, with the smell of the black tea coming in next. While it was steeping, it smelled more strongly of the black tea, and it was such a warm strong smell…reminded me of a good cup of coffee! Pleasant surprise there. :]

Now, I’ve tried it two ways:

With milk: I’ve added milk to black teas before, so I was actually surprised to find I don’t like this tea much with milk. The cinnamon was completely eradicated, and I was kind of disappointed. The Irish Breakfast still came on through, so that was alright.

Without milk: Ah, now THIS was a good cuppa! Sticking my nose close, I could smell the hint of cinnamon, which luckily, stays with you as you take a sip. On the palette, more of the black tea and (since I’m still not used to green teas) the Grey Green comes into play. Aftertaste seems to me like it’s the green more than the black, but the faint smell of cinnamon still sticks with you.


With Sugar: still have to try! I’ll probably try some before I go off to work tonight. :]

*Overall Impression of the “Watson” Tea*: Strong but soft (if that makes sense). Very comforting and I can’t help but just want to curl up with a good book (Sherlock Holmes, I have it on my desk now) and ignore all my homework. Can’t wait to brew another cup! 

Thanks, Cara for making these blends! (off to order some Mycroft and something else before my discount from Adagio is gone! :] )

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Another review!

The TARDIS Blend by Cara again.

This time I made a whole pot for my family to enjoy! When I first opened the bag, my mom immediately said that it smelled like a sugary cereal, like Fruit Loops. That scent dampens after the tea has been brewed, but it still smells like…well, it smells like blue, there’s no other way to say it. TARDIS blue. The taste itself isn’t like Fruit Loops at all thank goodness, it’s a very nice black tea taste with a definite blackberry flavor. Sadly, I didn’t quite get the vanilla hint that the blend suggests and the taste seems rather artificial.

I brewed it at boiling for 5 minutes with about 1.5 tsp per ounce. Drank it straight, but I’m probably going to try it with clover honey later tonight.

A quote from my mother while she drinks her second cup of the night: “I’m totally loving this tea, because it’s just so strange tasting.”

Also, my tea cup is probably actually a soup bowl, but it has a tentacle for a handle so idc.

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» Sherlock Tea Review: Reichenbach Recovery


This blend makes me think of things that, just like its smell in the beginning, are hard to put a name to.  It’s London fog and scones, old memories and solitude.  Not loneliness – just alone-ness.  If that makes any sense.

Full review below the cut…

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More lovely pictures and such a poetic review! *w*

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» Sherlock Tea Review: Molly


My tea arrived from Adagio today and I couldn’t be more excited.  

Review below the cut… (image-heavy)

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I LOVE your photos! <3

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First up!

The Watson Blend by Cara M. on Adagio.

This is also my first order from Adagio, so I am very please to state that I actually only ordered this yesterday morning and it was at home waiting for me when I got back from school today c:

When you open up this blend the first thing that hits you is this very strong smell of cinnamon. I was a little worried because generally I’m not a fan of the ‘spicier’ teas. However, once brewed the tea keeps its strong and warming cinnamon smell but the taste is milder and beautifully mixed with the Earl Grey Green and Irish Breakfast and warms you right down to your toes. It’s like I’m wrapping myself in one of John’s jumpers!

I’m not sure about the temp that I had the water at, enough for my kettle to whistle at least and I brewed it for about 5 minutes and drank it without adding anything. I’m definitely going to try adding cream or milk next time to see how that might effect it.

Overall I really recommend this tea to all tea drinkers and I can say that I will be making it many mornings before I head off to class.

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Day 86

My adagio tea order came in today <3<3


They all smell sssoo good but the Watson blend is by far my favorite in taste and scent <3<3 MMMM~~ 

oh man these photos are lovely! *A*

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ThirdStar smells absolutely delightful! (Taken with instagram)

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